An apparent fan of an often overlooked Miss Riley, this time-traveler is an eighteen year-old design junkie who has a habit of overly investing way too much feelings for fictional people. One who enjoys cooping inside the secret recesses of her room (which frankly is lit only by the dim glow of cathode rays), she holds a firm belief that Elizabeth Taylor’s eyebrows were the most perfect human parentheses this world has ever seen, and a lifelong dream of one day swimming in a pool of Cheerios. Some fairies and dinosaurs refer to her as dockyard human disaster, but most of the time, she is simply called Pepper.

Old Hollywood. Comic books. Fallout. Pin-up art. Architecture. Jellyfishes.

Birds of Prey. Batfam. JLA. Some JSA. Superfam. Tiny Titans. Gotham Central. Fables. Ruse.

Gardner. Crawford. Garbo. Stanwyck. Arden. Taylor. Bacall.

Graphics can be found HERE.